Your Options Handbook – The Practical Reference and Strategy Guide to Trading Options

When I began writing, my objective was to assemble a complete, practical reference and strategy guide for just about anyone with a very basic working knowledge of finance.

My goal is to have the reader develop a strong understanding of the way that the stock and option markets work. From there you will learn how to analyze the markets in a practical way using simple, yet powerful methods.  Then, once you were ready to form an educated, rational opinion, I lay out specific strategies for you to employ that best fit your risk tolerance and view.

In these pages are literally hundreds of tips, tricks, strategies and (legal) inside information that I have gathered over the 17 years I have been in the business.

You may have to go through the chapters several times, but I assure you that the book will change the way you invest.  It is meant to benefit everyone from the most beginner investor to the savvy hedge fund manager.

I collected data for 16 years and took note of just about every question, solution and tactic my colleagues and I generated over that period. I took the most common, critical and confusing and addressed them in plain English in this book.

Trading and investing is not easy and I would be lying to you if I told you that after reading this you’ll make millions and know everything there is to know about trading and investing.

What I can say is that after reading you will have just about all that you need to be successful…

You can expect to:

  1. Learn the option and equity markets on a functional level
  2. Control risk and stop yourself from making disastrous investments and decisions.
  3. Increase profitability of your trades
  4. Increase win/loss ratio
  5. Control your impulses
  6. Learn strategies that put you in control of the markets as opposed to them controlling your destiny.

This book is for anyone who wants to explore and understand real, tested methods that help ensure success trading equities and options.

Thank you for reading!!
Jared A Levy

Amazon Review: “I’d highly recommend this book to any beginning or intermediate options trader. Mr. Levy does a great job covering all the steps that he, as a professional trader, focuses on. He discusses what to look for fundamentally, technically and gives his personal rules regarding entries and exits, along with informative websites to check and touches on the often overlooked, mental aspects of trading. Options strategies are explained clearly and give actual trading examples from Mr. Levy’s trading…something I found to be very helpful. I’ve read countless options books and he is the first to break down every aspect of the trading regime from A to Z. The book is clear and easy to understand, unlike most options book that read more like a textbook. Definitely a must read.      -Casey

-Released May 2011

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The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Options

This full color reference guide goes deeper into the heart of options trading and explores more advanced concepts in an easy to understand layout. Using the Bloomberg terminal and resources as a platform, Jared goes beyond the basics to uncover the more advanced analysis and tactics that professionals use to quantify and trade with options.

Released February 2013

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