Jared has spent his entire career immersed in the finance, derivative and real estate industries starting in the mid 90’s. Jared began his career as a retail financial advisor, managing money for high net worth clients utilizing varied approaches utilizing a multitude of unconventional strategies which included derivatives, creative real estate investments, development financing and more. After creating his own stock and options-trading indicator and strategy, Jared assumed his next role as a pit trader.

As one of the youngest-ever members of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), Levy became an independent market maker, trading the largest volume issue on that exchange, Dell (DELL); by 1999 he became a member of the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), trading Cisco Systems (CSCO) options.

Before the age of 25, Jared had been recruited by Equitec Proprietary Group to be one of the original market makers trading the Nasdaq-100 Trust options (QQQ) on the AMEX.

He successfully traded thousands of options contracts and shares daily, equating to millions of dollars in risk. In 2001, Jared returned to the PHLX to launch a new on-floor operation for his firm, serving as an options specialist for companies including Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD), Expedia.com (EXPE), Baxter Technologies, and Broadband and Semiconductor HOLDRS products, among others. Jared was also a member of the CSX.

After leaving the floor, Levy traded distressed assets and consulted for several firms before relocating to Dallas to join Wizetrade and WTV as Chief Options Strategist and on-air options expert. He was known for his 3+ hours of daily, live, and unscripted market commentary and education. Jared dedicated his time with Wizetrade to educating people worldwide about the mechanics of the market, risk management, options trading, and the equity and derivative markets in general. Since 2004, Jared has been live on air as an anchor/expert fielding questions and educating viewers from around the world, unscripted and raw on several different net works. Jared has been featured in dozens of  industry publications and won an Emmy for his daily video, “Trader Cast.”

In 2008, Jared joined PEAK6 Investments as the Senior Derivatives Specialist, focusing on the options news network, where he hosted and was the resident expert on several shows. In addition, Jared wrote a daily column called the practical options trader, a daily piece dedicated to education and strategy. He was one of three traders who managed ONN options alerts service and IGP trades. During 2010, Jared worked as the Senior derivative strategist for OptionsHouse.com (a subsidiary of PEAK6).

He became a CNBC Fast Money contributor in March 2009 and also appears regularly on Bloomberg, Fox, Fox Business, CNN, Al Jazeera America, CNN Radio, Wall Street Journal Radio and many other financial and non-financial networks around the world. He is regularly quoted by Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance, amongst others.

Jared is a former managing partner at Belpointe Capital LLC and served as the Senior Equities Strategist for Zacks Investment Research where he managed the “Whisper Trader” earnings service.  For several years, Jared also co-published the widely read daily financial e-letter “Smart Investing Daily.”

Jared’s first book entitled ‘Your Options Handbook’ was released in April 2011 by Wiley Publishing; it is a practical road map and detailed strategy guide to understanding and trading the equity and options markets in grainy detail, with a robust strategy guide and contributions from Denise Shull, Mark Douglas and fund manager Dean Somes.

His second, ‘The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Options’ was released in February 2013 by Bloomberg Financial/Wiley; the Bloomberg guide is a more advanced visual reference guide and trading manual for those looking to go a little deeper into the world of options. 

He is a FAA licensed private pilot, self proclaimed geek and spends a great deal of time riding, restoring and racing motorcycles, unique cars and working to improve the world around him.

Jared actively invests in real estate, with nearly 20 years experience buying, selling and developing properties in several cities across the US.

He was also a member of the PHLX, AMEX, CBOE and CSE.

His passion is teaching how to successfully and consistently trade, invest for a living while keeping  risk and volatility low, while maintaining above average returns through a multitude of strategies and diverse investment instruments.

Jared is currently the Chief Option Strategist at profitabletrading.com and editor of “Profit Amplifier”


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